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At Smart-Paws we know how important it is that your dog is looked after and loved whilst in our care. We offer fresh water at all times and even a few cheeky treats for those dogs that have been good boys and girls... we look forward to meeting your special pooches soon.

We have a number of young and elderly doggy clients and are well equipped and experienced to deal with both. Special supports are used to deal with arthritic clients. We ensure all clients are allowed breaks when needed for those longer appointments.

The ‘Deluxe’ Bathing Treatment

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Suitable for all dogs and puppies over 8 weeks. First we will assess your dogs coat and skin. They will then receive a lovely doggy pedicure including nail clip and pad trim. Your pampered pooch will then receive a refreshing warm bath and massage with luxury shampoo followed by a warm blow dry and finished with a lovely finishing coat conditioner and spritz to keep them smelling gorgeous!


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Clipping is required for most breeds if they have a coat that needs trimming. It is very popular and provides a beautiful even finish to the dogs coat. We can either clip very short to the skin or we are also able to use attachments to allow for a more natural looking clip if that is what you require i.e Cockerpoos. If your dog is matted they will need to be short clipped to remove the matting.

This treatment includes everything in the Deluxe Bathing treatment, including a clip and trim all over.

Trim and Tidy

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This treatment includes everything in the Deluxe bathing treatment with the addition of a trim and tidy all over. Suitable for all breeds where a more natural looking cut is required.


We are qualified and very experienced in the art of ‘hand stripping’. Available for wire coated breeds subject to suitability. Hand-stripping involves pulling the top layer of coat to leave a lovely softer coat underneath encouraging greater coat texture and colour.

This treatment includes everything in the Deluxe Bathing treatment with the addition of a light or full hand strip all over.

Puppy Socialisation

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If you are thinking about buying a puppy or have recently bought a puppy it is very important to get them socialised and groomed from as young as 8-12 weeks.

Included in the puppy social session is our ‘Deluxe Bathing Treatment’ including a face and eye trim if required. We spend time playing with them and allow them to meet and greet other friendly dogs and puppies.

It is important to make grooming a positive part of their lives as it is something most dogs will need regularly.

Puppy Consultations

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If you are unsure on what breed to buy or want advice on what works best for you or your family, we can help.

There is nothing more upsetting than spending a lot of money on a dog or puppy only to find they are too energetic or boisterous for you or your family and needing to rehome them. Not only is it your money wasted but the puppy doesn’t have a good start in life already being rehomed before the 6 month age.

We can help you!

We can come to your home or meet you to discuss what it is you want out of your new puppy/dog, discuss costs of looking after different breeds, grooming costs, home grooming demands of different breeds, common ailments, behaviours and personalities of different breeds.

Extra Services

We also offer these services alone or as part of a treatment.

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  • Ear plucking and cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • Paw/pad/ear trimming
  • Anal gland expression
  • Tick removal

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